Henry, Riley, & I enjoyed a wonderful Halloween this year!  It just so happens that this is my favorite holiday so we did lots of decorating, dressing up, and went to quite a few Halloween events.  I hosted pumpkin carving at our house along with trying out costumes for the upcoming festivities while listening to Halloween music on Pandora.  I encouraged Riley to pick out a costume to wear every day.  I even made his Trick or Treat bag and the construction worker costume.

Our first Halloween event was to ArBOOretum at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.  I am a volunteer at HANC and stayed to help with the Fox Prowl - a game that taught children (& adults!) about what types of food foxes eat.  Henry & Riley came separately and enjoyed riding a pony, visiting the petting zoo, trick or treating on the trail, seeing live reptiles, and riding on a train.
Riley picking out food at the Fox Prowl
Riley & I made a trip to Tricks, Treats, & T-Rex at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Riley received a lovely fake scar from the Worst Aid station, earned a button for eating real bugs, checked out some live animals, and enjoyed seeing the huge blow up spider & cat.

My favorite activity was our trip to Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo, probably because all three of us were able to go to this event together as a family.  We enjoyed the scavenger hunt, playing games, visiting the pumpkin patch, coloring on a huge mural, and best of all - feeding the giraffes!  We visit the zoo all the time (and they offer feeding the giraffes all the time) but this was a special trip as we have never fed the giraffes before....and Riley just happened to pick out his giraffe costume to wear that day!  
Feeding the giraffes at the Zoo
Today, we went to the arboretum again for Tyke Hikes.  We enjoyed listening to Stellaluna and walking on the trail while learning about bats.  We were thrilled to find a small excavator near the playground today - it made the perfect opportunity to take photos of Riley in his construction worker outfit!
Riley the construction worker!
Finally, we ended the day with a quick trick or treating trip to a few of our neighbors.  Riley rode his dump truck to each house and remembered to say "Trick or Treat!" and "Thank you!" for most of them.  I think he may have enjoyed seeing all the kids come to our home even more than visiting the neighbors!  

After dinner and a few pieces of candy, we explained to Riley that we would be leaving the rest of the candy in a bowl for the "Switch Witch".  She loves candy and in return for the candy, she will leave Riley a special Halloween surprise.  This year, she left behind stickers, pretzels, a spider ring, and a picture frame with a photo of Riley at the zoo.

If you would like to see a photo collage of our Halloween photos, check it out here!!
Happy Halloween!!

Joe Navarro
11/01/2011 2:12pm

Thanks for the great pics Frannie. What an awesome Mom-job you are doing. Its great to record all these online to share so we get to see how your family grows especially Riley. xxxooo. Uncle Joe

11/02/2011 6:35pm

Oh, my goodness! That little guy is so cute in ALL of his costumes! My favoriate is the great photo of the construction worker costume, complete with construction background! This boy is ready for calendar greatness! ;) I love the Switch Witch idea--saw it first on Salt&Chocolate's blog, I think.

11/05/2011 11:40am

what fun time. What kind os bugs did he have to eat to earn a button?

11/05/2011 2:09pm

Riley & I ate dehydrated cheddar flavored mealworms which tasted kinda like veggie straws and weren't too bad. We also tried out Chirpy Chex Mix, a savory style mix that was freshly made while we waited, but the crickets left a weird aftertaste.

11/07/2011 8:25pm

Franny, such fun. Sometimes I wish I had things like that to do over with my children. I love Halloween too but alas, we don't get many kids to visit us so I really don't do anything but light a 7 day candle for our family. I love you and love the pictures and updates.


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