I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted but I suppose that's because we've had a busy year!  Most recently, I've started writing blog posts about green parenting for an energy company.  It has been a fun way to find new things to do with Riley and ways to promote being green in our own home.  My blog post that came out today inspired Riley's Valentines for his schoolmates this year. 
I found this super cute idea for a candy-free Valentine while researching my latest blog post on New Leaf Energy.  It was simple, cute, easy, & fun!  Since I couldn't find the individually wrapped pouches of Goldfish, I bought a large box of Goldfish and some Valentine's snack bags.  This turned our Valentines Day project into a math work!  Riley measured out 1.50 oz of Goldfish for each bag.  He learned how to measure out just the right amount, not too little or too much.  
Next, Riley was able to practice his handwriting by signing his name on each of the Valentines.  His classmates may not realize how much effort was put into this simple snack but I'm glad Riley had fun participating in the making of their Valentines!

Read my blog post, Forget the Candy! 6 Fun & Healthy Valentine Alternatives for Your Kids to Share, for more ideas on candy-free Valentine alternatives.

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02/14/2014 3:00pm

SO stinkin' cute! We love this!!


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