After I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to do this craft with Riley!  Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby is always having great sales and the canvases were on sale in a pack of for Riley and one for his friend, Noel.  
After you remove the tape, I recommend coating the painting with a clear spray to help protect your lovely artwork.  We used washable finger paints so a clear sealant was a really good idea to make the artwork last.
Now we have some great artwork to hang in the boys' rooms!

Megan Miller-Morgan
09/10/2012 11:21am

Hi! I just love reading your blog! We have some parallel interests, though I haven't taken up knitting. I recently picked up some of my old crocheting and realized that it would have been better to keep up with it since I am starting from the beginning again! Been thinking about a worm bin for some time now as well. Finely started Kindergarten half days. I am still doing some part time work at Hatfield as a marine educator and volunteering at a museum in Eugene. Love informal learning and teaching or what they call "free choice education" at OSU/Hatfield. Recently, I certified as an interpreter (think parks, zoos, etc.). You might want to take a look at the National Association of Interpreters for trainings if you are interested.
Best to you!

09/14/2012 6:59pm

Megan - it is really amazing how much we have in common! I do wish I were helping out at Hatfield - I really miss that place! I will look into the organization you mentioned...could come in handy :-)
Thanks for reading!!


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