I was very excited to receive a yarn swift and TWO yarn ball winders for Christmas (one will be exchanged) from my family this year.

A yarn swift is a fantastic creation that holds your skein of yarn, allowing it to easily spin and unwind as the yarn ball winder creates a center-pull ball of yarn.  This prevents significant others from holding the yarn between their hands while the knitter winds their own ball of yarn.  Henry isn't often excited about my knitting projects, but he was impressed by these knitting accessories!

01/11/2012 5:36pm

What an awesome gift combo! You should bring it to knitting group for a little show and tell :)

Megan Miller-Morgan
01/12/2012 11:18am

I just saw this gizmo made from whale bone on the Antique Road Show.
I am not a knitter so this is embarrassing to ask: This is for hard core knitters who get the raw product as opposed to buying it in a store already wound up?

01/13/2012 9:10am

Megan - A yarn swift is used to wind a hank or a skein of yarn into a ball, making it easier to use for your projects.

Sometimes, yarn is already wound up and ready for use, but with a lot of the nicer yarn you find at yarn stores, it is loosely wrapped in a skein to be wound when you are ready to use the yarn.

The hard core knitters enjoy spinning their own yarn from wool using a spindle.

Here's a brief description of how to process wool, from sheep to yarn!


10/16/2012 6:17pm

I ♥ my swifts and yarn winders! Your craft room looks amazingly organized! And the yarn is gorgeous!


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