I have become ever so busy lately and have had little time to sew, knit, or post on my blog.  I accepted a new job as an assistant teacher in a 1-3 grade Montessori classroom.  It is only part-time, but the other half of the day is spent doing everything I used to do in a whole day!

Riley is adjusting to a new daycare, everyday going to play with his new friends.  I am adjusting to the new routine and trying to figure out how to prioritize and balance all of the many things in my schedule.  I am slowly getting things figured out but in the meantime, my goal is to set aside time every week for ME and my FAMILY!  

I leave you with a photo from our family outing to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo last weekend.  
Riley had a fantastic time at the Rodeo! He loved the animals, the tractors, the dragon roller coaster ride, & of course - the sundae!

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