My friend and I dyed Easter Eggs naturally, using the water from boiled fruits, vegetables, & spices.  We added designs to our eggs by using plants from my butterfly garden as a stencil, attaching the plant to the egg with a piece of nylon before soaking it in the dye.  

We used:
Onion skins
Red cabbage

My favorite is the red cabbage - it turned out to be such a beautiful shade of blue!  The beets made a lovely rose color, the onion skins turned a deep orange, turmeric a light & bright yellow, and the blueberries made a speckled gray/brown color that another friend said looked like a dinosaur egg!  The spinach barely changed the egg to a pale grey, so I switched those eggs over to the turmeric instead.  I think perhaps we didn't have a high enough spinach to water ratio.

Check out Two Men and a Little Farm for a beautiful chart of color options!  

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