This week is International Babywearing Week!  But what does that mean??  Parents and caregivers are celebrating wearing their babies by reaching out to educate as many people as they can this week.  It's a fun way to share our love of babywearing!  

What is babywearing?  It is the very old practice of holding/carrying your children using a cloth carrier.  There are many types of carriers to choose from making it easy find a good fit for you and your family.  

Why wear your baby? There are many reasons but a few of my favorites include:  babies that are carried cry less, they are happier babies, their needs are met quickly as we learn to understand their cues, & it creates a great opportunity for bonding!  Besides, it's just plain fun!

Please visit the International Babywearing website for more details about babywearing and how to participate this week.  Here are a few quick links from their site:
Fact Sheet
Resource Guide
Groups celebrating around the world
Contests & ideas to participate in this week
One minute video introduction to babywearing

For more links, please visit my Parenting page.
Mama & Riley learning to use the Moby wrap at 3 weeks old

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