Riley & I have been exploring Midland and Odessa these last couple of weeks. We have visited the Midland Library, the Sibley Nature Center, the Petroleum Museum, the Museum of the Southwest: the Children's Museum, the Odessa Meteor Crater, & the Midland County Fair.  
Checking out the pump jacks up close at the Petroleum Museum.
Digging up dinosaurs at the Children's Museum.
The weather in Midland has been in the 60s/70s morning & evening, reaching a high in the 90s during the afternoon.  It is dry, slightly windy, and once in a while...a thunderstorm rolls in, bringing a bit of rain with it.  This makes for great weather to play outside in the mornings and take family walks together in the evenings.
Riley showing me how he can climb up the rope ladder all by himself!
Since most of our belongings are in storage, we've had to get creative playing in the apartment when we stay home.  We found a great sensory activity idea on Pinterest.  Use popcorn kernels, rice, or beans in a flat pan as a substrate for digging with construction vehicles - Riley loved it!   
Click on the photo to find the link for more indoor activities!
Riley's had an increased interest in letters and words lately so we also spend a lot of our time reading alphabet books and making letters out of various things.  Our words have been made out of things including his wooden toy snake, food, colored pencils, & pipe cleaners.  The best part is that he initiates all of the letter-making.  He'll show me an S or a P, then ask me to start spelling things for him.  He is also reading the letters & numbers on signs, cars, trucks, & various other things and asking me what they say.  I found a great app for my phone that Riley can practice tracing letters and numbers.  Check out this app and other ABC/123 games here: Tracing ABC, Kids ABC Letters, Kids Connect the Dots.
Pipe cleaner letters of a few of Riley's favorite people.

09/06/2012 2:14pm

Great pictures. Sounds like you and Riley have been busy exploring your new surroundings. Love you and miss you.


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